Jennifer Ferrel

Jennifer Ferrel

“Since January of last year, I’ve been dealing with a personal health issue but the lack of health insurance has prevented me from receiving any medical help past knowing that it wasn’t life threatening.

For four years I have been without any type of health insurance. Even though I work a lot, my job did not offer insurance, I did not qualify for medical assistance, and a policy on my own was out of my budget. What else could I do but pray?

On Monday, a prayer I had been praying for 4yrs was answered and starting in January, I will be covered! God is so good! And it’s just a reminder to never lose hope and never give up!

Thank you guys for being a part of my life since January of last year. When going through my health issue, I was also faced with the loss of an aunt, the loss of a client that was in my care (I’m an in-home CNA), and I was having constant car troubles. I was in a big rough patch and one day in a restless everyday drive, I started to scan the radio stations and found a Crowder song I was familiar with. After the song was over, I just left the station on and the next song that came on was Cast My Cares by Finding Favor. With that song, I broke down. It was EXACTLY what I needed at exactly the right time. I am so happy to say that I’ve been a listener ever since that day!

Your station has blessed me in so many ways. From being the pick me up Im needing in the mornings, to getting me out of my sour mood in the afternoons, to being a recipient of your Single Mom Saturday. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me over these last two years and I thank God for allowing me to find your station just when I needed it the most.”

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